Nov 17

Art as An Ally in Difficult Time: Using Art to Heal

The pandemic and its consequences have amplified several issues in Nunavik. Among the strategies for coping, art as a means of creation and expression can help to alleviate the stress caused by these events. In this presentation, we discuss art and its benefits for healing and coping in difficult situations. We explore the conditions required to intervene using art, the relationship between art and culture and concrete ways to use creativity with youth and families

Meeting Resources


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To Go Further

Standing Together Through Art project, sanannguanitigut makitaqatigiinniq

The Standing Together Through Art project, sanannguanitigut makitaqatigiinniq in Inuktitut, proposes to be a witness to the experience of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic among Inuit of Nunavik through artistic testimony, using the expressive and evocative power of art. Relying on creativity, the project wishes to foster personal and community wellness in the face of the pandemic

Visit the exhibit website

Image: Artwork of Ulivia Uviluk, 2021
Available in English, Inuktitut, and French

Art in Iqaluit: How creativity fosters healing | CBC Radio (Audio)

In this podcast, Inuit artists discuss how they use art to tell their stories and build resilience.

Listen to episode

Duration: 42 minutes 53 seconds
Available in English

Aumaaggiivik, the Nunavik Arts Secretariat

Department of the Avataq Cultural Institute whose objective is to support Inuit artists, artistic achievements and the development of infrastructures to promote the arts inside and outside the region.

Visit the website

Image: Avataq Cultural Institute
Available in English, Inuktitut, and French

Revitalization of Inuit cultural and artistic traditions: traditional tattooing

Inuk woman shares the meaning behind her traditional tattoos

Video: CBC News – The National
Available in English

Wapikoni mobile

Mobile intervention, training and audiovisual creation studio for First Nations and Inuit.

Visit the Wapikoni mobile website

Video: Wapikoni mobile
Available in French

Revitalization of Inuit cultural and artistic traditions: Throat singing

Inuit throat-singing sisters from Canada

Video: Anchorage – Daily News
Available in English

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