Janique Johnson-Lafleur
Jul 30
Janique Johnson-Lafleur

Core working group member

Apart from being a research coordinator at the Sherpa research center in Montreal, Janique is also a student in transcultural psychiatry at McGill University and has a background in anthropology. Her doctoral project on intercultural training stems from her longstanding interest in the matters of culture, mental health, knowledge and collaboration. Her work explores the interface between the personal and collective dimensions of identity, suffering, creativity, storytelling and coping. Her other interests include postcolonial approaches, gender studies, participatory research and social polarizations. In her spare time, Janique particularly enjoys having dinner with family and friends, making ceramics, listening to music, being in Gaspésie by the sea and visiting art galleries. She speaks French and English and is at the beginning of her journey of learning Inuktitut.

514 273-3800 ext. 6587

Project Email: info@atautsikut.com

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